Physical Education In Times Of Remote Learning

Providing PE lessons too can be possible by using the house space and item. Some educators are even embracing the digital tool and social media to make the most out of the situation. Physical activity can positively affect our health, it can reduce our stress level and it can also improve our immune system. ...

Written By : Aditi Rao

Hands-On Amazing Tips For School To Help Kids With ADHD

Making learning fun, creative and engaging is very important. Educators need to reach the individuals needs and requirements. All learners possess different requirements and thus school should cater to their way of learning.  ...

Written By : Shivangi Chakraborty

Importance Of Introducing Music In Early Childhood Education

Traditionally, the teaching-learning process was a one-way effort. But in 21st Century classrooms, learners also play an active role in the instruction. Classroom environment, lesson planning is designed and developed as per the learner needs and requirements. ...

Written By : Ashwini Chandra

Understanding the Error Correction In an ESL Classroom

In ESL learning setup, error correction is something that is often necessary to practice by the teachers. The trick to using the error correction method in learning lies in prioritizing affectivity above accuracy. Constructive error correction must be done with appropriation; likewise, it must also be applied before it's too late. ...

Written By : Ashwini Chandra

Character Education: The Role in School Counselor

Developing good character has always been crucial since ancient time for all of to flourish in society. Character education in school is a window of opportunity for students to develop a better understanding of self and the society at large from the initial stage. Besides developing socio-emotional skills, it teaches about ethical values and expectations. ...

Written By : Aditi Rao

Amazing Benefits of Owning A Nursery School

Teaching is one such significant profession that is never going to extinct. No doubt there has been a lot of changes in teaching methods and strategies. We, teachers, need to go on with the time and adapt to the changing 21st Century teaching techniques and methods. ...

Written By : Shyam Chandra

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