40,000+ Alumni

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) has gained an immense popularity among the teaching aspirants and the experienced teaching professionals since its inception in 2007. This recognition has strengthened ACT's worldwide reputation which has garnered more than 30,000 enrolments and has helped to fetch numerous awards and recognitions. Asian College of Teachers is a world class training institute with its sole focus on high quality teacher education. Its worldwide presence attracts aspirants from all corners of the globe. Our students can opt for the courses from any part of the globe. The courses have gained worldwide recognition and we take pride in the fact that our alumni is working across the globe.

ACT holds record of crossing 30,000 enrolments

Our strong base of 30,000 alumni is the concrete proof of ACT's progress and popularity. All of them are successfully teaching in different corners of the globe and they are holding ACT's flag high. ACT ranks high in the list of top teacher training organization in Asia today. ACT also offers exceptional package for group admission in case of bulk enrolment from schools or other educational institutions. The courses are not only for the novice teachers who want to start their teaching career but also for the professional teachers who want to gain proficiency in the teaching field. ACT has been elevated as a multinational teacher training organization and it has association and partnership with a number of institutions in Europe, USA, Thailand, China and India. ACT’s success story holds the record of crossing 30,000 enrolments within just 13 years. Asian College of Teachers has proved its leadership in the field of teachers training and has established its prominence in the global arena.

ACT is dedicated to continue this success story and be the No.1 international teacher training institute in Asia by 2022

Alumni ACT has started its journey in the last decade with a single course on pre and primary teaching. With each passing day ACT has confirmed its dedication and high-quality training and brought an array of teachers training courses. Besides courses like Teaching Grammar, Teaching Phonetics, Classroom Management, Certificate in Classroom Material Development, Montessori Teaching, a set of other high-end courses endorsed and accredited by esteemed international bodies have been introduced for our candidates looking to prosper in the global education sector. Courses including TEFL, Training & Development, Counselling courses, Special Education courses, International Teaching Diploma, Educational Administration & Management, Master Degree program in association with European International University (EIU), Level 6 Certificate course by Trinity College London, and many more, have been introduced focusing on the individual needs of the teachers and aspirants gaining immense popularity. The courses are provided in online, in-class and/or blended format alongside webinar courses. As a result, the history of ACT witnessed a journey which started with 100 enrolments and crossed 30,000 enrolments within just 13 years, leaving a firm promise and dedication to exceed our achievements in the coming years.

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